• 09.12.2019

1000th point of this season for U10.1 vs Telekom Baskets

Today was always going to be an important game for our U10.1 team as they had an away game to Telekom Baskets. Two of our regulars were unfortunately missing due to illness, speedy recovery to Theo and Vicky! And so the challenge fell to the remaining 8 players: Liam, Niki, Oliver, Finja, Antonella, Nicolas, Jakob and Max. 

The first period was fast and furious and closely contested with only a 3 point difference, with BGBonn taking the lead. Period 2 was crucial as BGBonn took a lead of 30-17.  Though Telekom Baskets won the third period by 3 points BGBonn maintained a lead that continued to grow throughout the remainder of the game. The final score was 100-76 and a well deserved win for our eight U10.1 players.  Their win was down to the whole team being very competitive, managing many turnovers, keeping up a fast paced game and supporting one another throughout.  Well done everyone and a huge thank you to Jiri for stepping in to be coach today.  Also thank you to all the parents and family members who continue to support this team week in week out.

Today’s game was also a landmark for the team as they scored their 1000th point of the season when Niki scored the 53rd point in today’s game.  This will be rewarded by pizza for the team after tomorrow’s training courtesy of Nikis mum, Aniko, as is apparently the tradition!

Well done everyone, one more game before we break for Christmas.