• 06.02.2020

BG Bonn U10.1 take on Brühler TV at home

Having already played Bruhler TV a few times this season, including at the preseason tournament in Brühl, there were definitely familiar faces in the visiting team last weekend.  This is one of the huge benefits of playing sports when players get a chance to get to know and become friends with players from other teams over time.  Of course once the game began all focus was on ensuring our team worked together towards a successful performance.
Most of our eight players had a slow start to this game.  Some seemed nervous, others tired, and others just needed time to adjust to the pace of the game. But by the time all players got to play their second eight they were making better passes, decisions and scoring more.  Despite the slow start they played excellent defence and turnovers, and managed to accumulate a total of 95 points in the game.  Well done to Liam, Niki, Nicolas, Oliver, Finja, Antonella, Max and Jacob.  Thanks to David and Jiri for coaching and all the parents for their ongoing support.
The final score was 95-29.